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Cay Taylan & Cem Yildiz - Bir G​ü​zel Isterim (Remixes)

Aktualisiert: 9. Juni 2023

Cay Taylan & Cem Yildiz- Bir G​ü​zel Isterim (Remixes)

(Mastering @ Deine Mutter Studio)

Bir G​ü​zel Isterim Remixes

this songs are called `türkü` the lyrics are hundreds of years old, and full of love and longing. written in the 17th century this poem by Karacaoglan, meets the vocal performance my a truly anatolian maestro cem yildiz, his saz artistry and my music. - Cay Taylan

Music written by Cay Taylan and Cem Yildiz.

Lyrics by Karacaoglan.

Arranged, mixed and produced by Cay Taylan.

Saz and Vocals by Cem Yildiz. All other Instruments by Cay Taylan.

Saz and Vocals recorded by Cem Yildiz in Istanbul.


tracks: 1,2,3,5 by Roland König @ Deine Mutter Studio

tracks: 4 & 6 by Vlado dZihan @ Milkshop Mastering


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