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Cay Taylan - Ambient Diarys One (LP)

Cay Taylan - Ambient Diary One (LP)

(Mastering by DJ King @ Deine Mutter Studio

Album Info by Cay Taylan:

this is my opz.

i used it for all the main melodic parts on my ambient album. ambient diary one. stream it everywhere

seven tracks, one track for each day of the week. 69 minutes of musical calmness.

music to breath. music to relax. music to listen enjoy yourself. slow down and be mindful. embrace all. music to work, be creative or learn. this is the soundtrack to your meditation, your yoga session, it helps to sleep.

the music is full of naturesounds and field recordings. lush pad soundscapes and opz-melodies.

it is pure and simple. it is slow and evolving. it colourful and breathing.

this album was tested and used intensively in a groundschool class. it is calming and inspiring. we used it once week as a mindful ritual and often used the music as inspiration for a creative lesson. you can paint the music, you can tell fantastic stories and use it as soundtrack. it works perfectly in snoezelen rooms and other therapeutic environments. or use it as you wish.

enjoy. yours cay taylan


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